Upcoming Interview: American Heroes Radio

Dan Sheehan 6With this post I am opening a new category on my blog:  Shameless Self-Promotion.

Please join me live during a radio-podcast with American Heroes Radio on Saturday, 14 Sept 2013, at 3pm pacific time.  I’ll be on for about an hour discussing After Action, my current writing projects, and anything else the host comes up with.

Please call in with any questions you may have about my experiences in Iraq and afterward:  646-378-1513

And here’s the link to the American Heroes Radio website where you can listen live.  I believe the show will be archived here as well:
American Heroes Radio: Dan Sheehan, Cobra Pilot, 14 Sept 2013

I hope you’ll listen and I look forward to taking your calls,

Dan Sheehan pointing out bullet holes

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