Feedback for “Continuing Action: Completing the Warrior’s Journey.”

Dan SheehanJust before Thanksgiving I sent copies of the book I’ve been working on, Continuing Action: Completing the Warrior’s Journey, to a few people for some “test reads.”  I’d gotten the manuscript to the point where I needed some fresh eyes to tell me if it made any sense.

I kept the number of readers small but spread them out across several key demographics.  While my target audience is centered on veterans and their families, I needed to get feedback from classical scholars, leaders of non-profits, mental-health professionals, and active-duty military personnel as well.  This is because Continuing Action addresses shortcomings in the way modern warriors are prepared for the human costs of their service and offers suggestions for how veterans past, present and future can overcome them.

Here’s a snapshot of the folks who agreed to check my work for glaring errors, omissions, or things that just didn’t make sense:

-History professor and published author at Loyola Marymount University
-three Department of Veterans Affairs counsellors from three different Vet Centers
-two active-duty, Marine officers with combat experience currently in command of either an infantry battalion or aircraft squadron
-Psychologist on active-duty with United States Special Operations Command
-executive directors of two non-profits that help veterans transition out of the military
-Transitional counsellor, mother of Iraq War veteran, and director of non-profit assisting transitioning veterans
-USMC veteran of Somalia and 1st Gulf War, retired commanding officer
-USMC veteran with Masters Degree in Counseling currently running non-profit helping veterans
-USMC Marine Special Operations Command veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan

I’ve gotten good suggestions from several of the readers and am waiting on a few more responses before moving forward with my editing process.  Once I’ve incorporated their input, the book will be ready for final editing to correct my atrocious comma’s and, apostrophes.  Then I have to make the decision whether to self-publish again or begin to court agents and publishers…

I know that this blog has been quiet lately and wanted to post this update to assure everyone I’m still alive.  The holidays are a horrible time to try and get anything accomplished and my productive periods have been few and far between.  But that’s all behind me now; presents have been bought and opened, feasts digested, beer recycled…

And now it’s time to get back to work.




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