Continuing Actions Is Now Available On Amazon

I’m very pleased to announce that my second book, Continuing Actions: A Warrior’s Guide to Coming Home is available for purchase at the following link: Continuing Actions: A Warrior’s Guide to Coming Home

I have written several posts explaining what this book is about, how it is different from my first one, and why I chose to write it.  I won’t rehash any of that here and will just close with this:

Continuing Actions is the book I wish I’d read before going into combat.  It wouldn’t have changed what I did in Iraq, but it would have better prepared me to deal with the aftereffects.  It is my hope that it can help other veterans, whether they came home five decades or five days ago, finally, fully, return home.

Thanks for waiting with me for this second book to come out.  I hope you find it worth the wait.



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