A Slight Gap in Posts

This will likely be the last time I post for a few weeks.  My wife just came home from a two-month trip and we have some, ahem, business to attend to.  We’re scrubbing long neglected things, removing dust from hidden crevices, oiling tools, stuffing boxes…

You know, packing.  What did you think I was talking about?  Geez, Ma–get your mind out of the gutter.

In about a week we leave Virginia and begin our drive to California.  There are just under a million things I need to do between now and then, so it is only logical I spend my time on the important ones.

Yesterday I bought my CA sportfishing license.  And last night I replaced the 400lb monofilament shooting line and power bands on my speargun.  After I finish this post I’ll pack my wetsuit, fins, weight belt, knife, floatline, mask and snorkle to see if they will fit into the car.  I’ll happily let the movers take care of things like the flatscreen TV but I want the important stuff to stay with me.

Between packing, throwing stuff away, collecting all the external paperwork from doctor’s offices and schools and generally getting ready for the move, I’m not going to have a lot of time to write.  Instead of trying to corral my thoughts during all this mayhem, I figure I should focus on the alligator closest to the boat and handle the move first.

So this will be the last post until we’re settled in CA.  It should only be a few weeks, but I did want to explain the gap in activity on this blog.

Of course, if anything truly noteworthy happens en route I’ll write about it.  Hopefully nothing will, but with two kids under 6 and a pitbull packed into our Honda Fit, things could get interesting.

I’ll try to resist the stunning scenery of Kansas and not post any poetic descriptions of landscape…

3 thoughts on “A Slight Gap in Posts

  1. Jenn

    Glad to see you have your priorities straight, Dan. And thanks for not posting any comments about the geography and scenery of Kansas–I don’t need to be reminded of how glorious the view will be as I spend 10 days (give or take…) riding through the state in September! Hope all goes well with the move–and I’m looking forward to reading a post about the spearfishing excursion you head out on about 5 seconds after you reach the Pacific!

    1. Dan Sheehan Post author

      For those of you not lucky enough to know Jenn, she’s a pretty remarkable woman. She is preparing to ride her bike across country later this summer/fall. As if that’s not ambitious enough, she’s planning stops along her route to interview Gold Star Mothers across the United States. Her intent, as I understand it, is to capture the experiences of family members who’ve lost sons and daughters in recent conflicts and record them in book format. She’s doing this to honor their sacrifice and also to alleviate one of their greatest fears–the fear that their fallen children will be forgotten.

      I’ll be sure to include status reports on Jenn’s adventure, or links to her own blog, when she leaves Virginia in a few months.

      And we’ll have cold beer waiting for her in San Diego.

  2. Ali Mignone

    Safe travels, Dan! I’m so glad you’re following your hearts back to California. And Mom and I promise no photos of the eight bazillion miles of Nebraska…


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